A thread sparked a question about if facepunch is a Dictatorship or a Democracy.

Responses Edit

Garry and Hezzy have main control of the forum, the mods regulate the forums to keep people from doing stupid shit. And they ask us what we think would be an improvement. It's a cooperative effort with figureheads who make shit happen.

This is in no way a democracy. What does the users decide?

Who gives a fuck what Facepunch is, Democracy, Dictatorship, it's an internet forum, you're acting like this shit is serious business, Op needs to go outside.

I'm telling you guys, it's a Theocracy!,WORSHIP GARRY OR WE CUT YOUR HEART OUT!!!!!

Democracy does NOT WORK online, or anywhere else for that matter, but this is more of an "absolute leadership" than a dictatorship.Theres a reason democracy only stays in parliaments, it's horrible anywhere else.

Facepunch is a kritarchy - a government of judges.